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Meng-Cong Zheng


Meng-Cong Zheng, Professor

Research interest: Evidence-based design, Public design, Design psychology, Knowledge visualization
Education : PhD in Chiba University ,JP
Email:zmcdesign@gmail.com Ext.:2827
Website:Design Psychology Lab.  

                 Publication  /  Youtube Channel 


Design awards
2023 Red-dot Awards-Best of Best
2022 Sumitomo Foundation Grant Awards
2022 Asia Creative Design Award
2022 Young Pin Design Award X 2
2022 iF Design Awards
2020 iF Best Design of Year
2019 Taiwan International Student Design Competition, Bronze Prize
2019 Stanford Design Challenge, Winner
2018 Red-Dot Design Awards
2018 15th Y.S Design, Golden Award
2018 Great Design, Silver Award
2018 Uneec Applied Design Award, Bronze Prize
2017 Braun Campus Prize Taiwan 2017, Bronze Prize
2017 Taipei International Design Award X 2
2017 Red-Dot Design Awards X 2
2017 Sumitomo Foundation Grant Awards
2017 Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Researcher
2017 Great Design, Bronze Award + Best Marketing Award
2016 Stanford Design Challenge, Winner
2016 Taiwan International Student Design Competition, Silver Award
2016 Taipei International Design Award, Silver Award
2016 Braun Campus Prize Taiwan 2016, Special Prize
2016 Young Pin Design Award
2016 IF Top100 Award, IF Public Value Student Award Top 33
2016 Red-Dot Design Awards X 3
2015 Ministry of Science and Technology Outstanding Young Scholars
2015 Uneec Applied Design Award, Bronze Prize
2015 Red-Dot Design Awards X 3
2015 Young Pin Design Award X 2, Vendor Sponsorship Award X 4
2015 Young Pin Design Award Finalist X 21
2015 Uneec Applied Design Award, Golden Prize
2015 Great Design, Winner
2014 New Generation Design Award, Golden Prize X 1, Bronze Prize X 2, Vendor Sponsorship Award X 2, Excellent Work X 7
2014 IDEA Design Award, Winner
2014 IF Design Award, Haier Special Award
2014 Great Design, Winner
2014 International Bicycle Design Competition, Special Award + Excellence Award
2013 Uneec Applied Design Award, Golden Prize
2013 Yilan Youth Venture Starlight Competition, Excellent Work
2013 Mitsui Sumitomo Foundation Grant Awards
2013 New Generation Design Award, Silver Awad X 1, Bronze Prize X 2, Vendor Sponsorship Award X 2, Excellent Work X 14
2013 KYMCO Design Competition, Silver Awad
2013 Great Design, Excellent Award
2012 Yilan Youth Venture Starlight Competition, Vendor Sponsorship Award
2012 Taipower Poster Design Competition, Golden Prize
2012 New Generation Design Award, Bronze Prize X 1, Vendor Sponsorship Award X 2, Excellent Work X 5
2011 Yilan Youth Venture Starlight Competition, Golden Prize


Ministry of Science and Technology Program

  • Explore the design and verification of safety disaster prevention maps based on the behavior of refuge
  • Design and evaluation of an interactive platform for visual guidance using open government data
  • A study on the integrated design of public toilets based on gendered innovative thinking
  • Applying the Five Senses experience to the design and evaluation of horticultural activities for elderly people
  • Application of gendered innovation to the design and validation of public mobile toilets
  • Support indicator system design for large-scale international events
  • Refuge mobile design using Internet of Things (OT) devices in underground Spaces
  • Through the ages - using dynamic visual information to promote understanding of public issues
  • Discussing the prop design of the "aging in the ground" thinking to promote the national art exchange activities
  • Action design using QR Code to promote deep cultural experience -- taking Fangqiao as an example
  • To explore the privacy design of waiting space in the courtyard from a gender-friendly environment
  • Smartphones used in safety-oriented walking path design


Industrial collaboration and commissioned research

  • Innovative design of levitating touch LED lamps
  • Product design and development plan of Juming Art Museum
  • Biopulp material design
  • Collaborative program for refrigerator design
  • Information service case entrusted by ward clinical information system
  • Design of modular OLED lighting products
  • Design and evaluation of curved module OLED applications
  • A study of the international living environment in Taipei
  • Cooperation between industry and university in game design
  • Teaching practice of using evidence-based design in public design research
  • The impact of different comic book App readers on comic book presentation and story understanding
  • Recycling vehicle design
  • Teaching practice of enhancing three-dimensional modeling ability through Slicer deconstruction training
  • Optimized design and improvement plan for the service environment of Xinzhuang District Health Institute, New Taipei City


Professional service and academic honors

  • Convenor of Small and Medium-sized Instant Plan Product Design Group, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Consultant for the early plan of cross-domain integration of design drive, Taiwan Creative Design Center
  • The Ministry of Economy assists the Committee of Traditional Industry Development Planning
  • Committee member of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the People's Republic of China
  • Technical Committee of National Standards for Daily Use, Bureau of Standards and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Excellent Young Scholars of the Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Japan Exchange Association Research Recruitment Award
  • Sumitomo Research Award, Japan
  • National Science Fair for Primary and Secondary Schools
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