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Master Program of Innovation and Design 黃稚善、蔡承豪、鍾遠芝 winning Gold Medal of【Uneec Design Award】with the work 【GRID SPIDER & GRID HOIST】, instructed by 鄭孟淙 。

線路專修員執行高空電纜作業時,只有自製簡陋滑輪車,以人力行駛在電纜之間,不但架設繁瑣,深山運送更是不易。因此GRID SPIDER & GRID HOIST 就是專為高空線纜作業而設計的動力工具組。車體強度提升-因圓管抗屈服強度較一般實心與方形柱體高,而鋁合金為不�袗�之1/5重量 因此採用鋁擠圓管作為主要結構。在動力方面 GRID SPIDER使用電動馬達驅動前進,為改善舊式軸承車使用人力前進,耗費線路專修員體力的問題。 而攜帶性上- GRID SPIDER為改善舊式軌道車之收納搬移不變缺點,改用伸縮式設計,在搬運及收納時能縮為為本體積之1/3,且利於專修員拿取與架設。
To carry out the repair and maintenance for power cables at high places,the maintenance staff must make their way between cables by a simple cart,which is difficult to set up . The situation is even worse when in deep mountain . Grid Spider & Grid Host,a foldble cart , is designed for easy carrying around and putting up because it is light for being made of aluminum alloy , composed of tube type structure and only one third the size when folded . Being propelled by electric motor also spares the backbreaking work pushing the cart by manpower.
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