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Students Allan Chung, Chen, Yu-Ting, & Wang, Xun-Shing Winning「2023 8th Huacanjiang Emerging Design Competition Bronze Award」with the work「H&N Cancer JAW Magzrcise」,Instructor:Liagn, Yo-Wen


The treatment for head and neck cancer will limit jaw movement and prevent mouth opening. Without lifelong preventive rehabilitation, the inability to fully open the jaw jeopardizes various daily life functions including impaired nutrition, speech, and oral hygiene with carried teeth someday. JAW MAGZRCISE would easily serve users for long-lasting jaw rehabilitation and automatically record their mouth opening width for cost-effective telehealth care through its brand-new brace and magnetic driver design. By using pulsed magnetic expulsion force between Front End Maglev and Back End Support designed on the brace, the product is able to exert a leverage effect to depress the mandible and rotate the TM joint for repeated mouth opening and jaw exercise. With the straightforward and proactive style app, the user can automatically record their daily progress. Meanwhile, the doctor can directly observe the patient's condition remotely and give feedback without in person.

Link to Awarded Website:http://www.huacanjiang.com/datacenter/news/detail?id=4492

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