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Students Ching - Ya Tseng and Xuan - Ci Huang won the 「20th Y.S. Award」with their work 「VELO - Design of Service for the Collection of Apple Snails」, which was supervised by Meng - Fan Huang.


The apple snail is an invasive species of global concern that has been present in Taiwan for 44 years. Our survey shows that the apple snail damages 10,500 hectares of farmland in Taiwan annually and is the top pest of cash crops in water. Therefore, VELO offers a shared rental service that allows users to proactively collect and farm freshwater snails, while also concentrating the collected snails for conversion into agricultural fertilizers. This promotes eco-friendly farming practices and natural cycles, ensures food safety, encourages sustainable agriculture and a circular economy, and contributes to the environment and farmers.

Link to Awarded Website: http://award.ysed.org.tw/

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