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Student Kang Ming-Wei won the 「2023 Qí Xiǎng Design Competition」with his work 「Pexels - Interactive Play Equipment for Color-Blind Children」, which was supervised by Prof. I-Jui Lee.


Colors bring richness to our world, but for color-blind individuals, their world is not as vibrant as ours. Due to genetic inheritance, they perceive red and green as dull brown, and this condition can lead to misunderstandings or even mockery due to their difficulty in accurately distinguishing colors. This can cause social and communication difficulties, and in severe cases, anxiety and other mental health problems, which can negatively affect their personal development.

"Pexels" is an educational board game that combines the themes of color mixing, two-player gameplay, and empathy. We maximize the educational value of the limited puzzle space in the game to promote color mixing and respect for diversity. By promoting inclusive education, we hope to help this special group of people. Our goal is to assist children on the path of special education, and to create unique colors and friendships with their peers.

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