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賀! 創新設計碩士班李沛瑩同學作品【Accompaniment of trees - Natural Healing Workshop】獲【London Design Awards】【銀獎】,指導老師:王鴻祥 。
台北都會區外圍的內湖,依山傍河的絕佳地理位置與群聚的高科技產業,形成都市內快速發展的新興區域。本案即位於該區域內的舊型公寓一樓,由十五坪大的室內空間與四十五坪的廣闊庭院組成的範圍,經由設計師的巧思,改建為極具療癒氛圍的空間設計工作室。 自成一格的都會庭院生態系 有別於辦公空間給予人冰冷、制式的單調形象,甫踏入玄關,旋即為滿庭的綠樹植栽所環繞,廣闊的庭院內,設計師巧妙地以石板鋪面結合卵石,形成得以保水、降溫的生態環境。庭院以兩株參天的鳳凰木為主體,配合其他中、小型植栽的栽植,營造出絕佳的自然景觀,自成一格的生態體系,讓昆蟲、鳥類亦能自在、優遊的停駐其中。圍牆一隅,木棧台搭配大型戶外沙發座椅,構成院內慵懶、放鬆的交流休憩場域,另一側的中島,則讓簡易的廚房與餐廳功能移至戶外,形成可以下廚、用餐、開會的複合性室外空間,設計師巧妙地將部分機能移庭院,一方面解決室內空間狹小的問題,同時讓使用者在工作之餘,亦能置身大自然中,與環境產生親密的互動。 打開內外,模糊的空間中介 建築物室內由辦公區與洽談區域組成,在有限的空間中,藉由連續的座位區放大整體的視覺尺度,同時以大面落地窗及鐵件界定空間的內外場域,一方面以無阻絕的視覺穿透延伸室內氛圍,將庭院的美景融入其中,另一方面也藉由屋外景致的置入,讓人與自然產生親密的結合。本案透過設計,讓向來講求效率、彰顯功能性的現代工作空間,得以回歸生活本質,將自然、人文與美學融合其中,真正落實舒緩身心的日常所在。
Project Brief Different from most of the offices with cold and plain stereotype, this office, is enclosed by ubiquitous greenery plants on the courtyard, where the designer has delicately created a water-preserved and chill ecosystem by decorating this place with flagstone pavements and pebbles. The two tall royal Poinciana trees, on the courtyard, with some medium and small plants, give rise to a great landscape. The specific ecological community, on this courtyard, is a perfect and suitable place available for species of insects and birds. Project Need On the ground floor in the building, mainly composed of the working and meeting areas, the long rectangular table magnifies the visual effect with the confined space. The large ceiling windows and iron works, separating the indoor the outdoor space, extend the indoor atmosphere all the way to the beautiful courtyard, and bring up to intimate relationship between people and natural environment by placing outdoor scenery inside the building in the meantime. In this project, the brilliant design ideas have brought the efficiency-seeking modern space to its original unsophisticated characteristics, which integrate the elements of nature, humanity and aesthetics, and put into practice a place affording contentment and security. Sustainability At a definite area on the courtyard, the wooden platform and big couches create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. A delicately designed bar, on the other side of the courtyard, can be functioned as cooking, eating or eating place, the smartly-designed compound outdoor space that spares the issue of limited indoor space while making customers enjoy the intimate natural environment.
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