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賀! 創新設計碩士班黃宓謙、鄭名涵、許震瑜、蔡孜群作品【wingnal】獲【台北設計獎】【優選】, 指導老師:鄭孟淙 。
消防員在火災的救援工作中,會使用建築物的消防窗進入火場中,但冒然的打開窗戶,可能會為室內缺氧的高溫燃燒環境引入新鮮空氣,產生爆發式的劇烈燃燒(煙爆現象),爆炸瞬間高溫達600℃,直接衝擊第一線的消防員,造成重大的傷亡,亦造成火勢的加速蔓延。 WINGNAL警示消防窗,運用示溫貼紙,讓消防員能夠透過警示標誌更準確的判斷室內狀況,作出正確的因應措施,改善現有單靠經驗判斷的方式讓消防人員能更有效率,更安全的進行救災任務。WINGNAL同時也提供室內逃生的民眾在火災發生時一個明確前往的目的地,消防員會先由有紅色WINGNAL標誌窗戶進行救援,能更快速的救出火災受困的民眾。

Firefighters in the fire rescue work, will use the building fire window into the fire, but the tempting to open the window, may be for indoor hypoxia high temperature combustion environment to introduce fresh air, resulting in explosive type of burning Explosion phenomenon), the explosion instantaneous high temperature of 600 ℃, the direct impact of the first line of firefighters, resulting in major casualties, but also caused the accelerated spread of the fire. WINGNAL warning fire window, the use of temperature stickers, so that firefighters can be more accurate warning signs to determine the indoor situation, to make the right response measures to improve the existing experience alone to determine the way so that fire officers can be more efficient and more secure Disaster relief task. WINGNAL also provides the indoor escape of the people in the event of a clear destination to the fire, the firefighters will first have a red WINGNAL signs windows to rescue, more quickly rescued the victims of the fire.
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