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賀! 創新設計碩士班黃宓謙、蔡孜群、許震瑜、鄭名涵同學作品【等距針】獲【台北設計獎】【優選 】,指導老師:鄭孟淙 。
等距針可以幫助新手使用者學習縫出整齊線段。 此設計是在手縫針上增加一段顏色,使用者在縫紉的過程中可以利用此顏色來當作依據,去當作縫紉線段的參考,對於不擅長縫紉或是手不靈巧的使用者縫出的線段也可以非常整齊,這也增加了縫紉的效率與速度。 在過去使用手縫針時,時常會縫出不規則的線段,這會使新手喪失學習縫紉的信心;但你如果使用等距針你將不會發生這樣的狀況,你可以好好的完整縫出一個完美的作品。 在過去的設計會讓使用者有許多問題。使用者時常無法將相同長度的針收納在同一個位置,因此下次使用者要取出針時,會無法正確的拿到他需要的針。 我們也重新的設計針盒,幫助使用者在收納上可以更直覺的將針放進正確的位置,在針盒的表面有磁力的區域,如有暫時放置針的需求,可以將針水平的吸附在針盒表鍊 ,減少危險意外地發生。

Equidistant can help novice learn to sew a neat lines. This design is to add a color on the needles. Users can consider the length of the color as a reference to the sewing thread through the sewing process. It helps person who is not good at sewing to make a straight line and enhance the process of effectiveness. In the past, the circumstances of sewing out irregular lines usually happened in a novice’s stitching experience. It will make the novice lost confidence in learning to sew, But yet using the Equidistant can help users make a perfect work very well. The traditional design of the needle box has many problems. Users can’t make the same size of needles to the same position of the box, and so that users can’t get the accurate one they need when they have to use it next time. For this problem, we redesign the box to help users intuitively put same size of needles to the same section. There’s magnetic section above the box for the needs of temporarily placed. The needle c an horizontally adsorb on the surface to reduce the risk occurs.
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