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賀!設計學院設計博士班程東奕同學與創新設計碩士班謝依霖、石明生同學【Animal Friendly City】獲【2017 IF Design Talent Award_02】【Winner】,指導老師:葉雯玓

Technology improves life and can also improve the interaction of humans with animals. History has shown that the dog has always been the animal closest to us, which has earned it the reputation of being man's best friend. Many of these dogs, however, end up being homeless. This app is based on a concept for providing information on neutering, vaccinations and chip tracking. The stray-dog network system provides people with an APP based on different communities to enable them to locate stray dogs and know the dog’s current situation. This can help us to create a friendly community in which humans and dogs can live together.
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