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賀! 創新設計碩士班陳裕升同學作品【易傾洗 Easy Basin】獲【德國紅點設計獎-設計概念獎 Red dot award: Design concept】【Winner】,指導老師:鄭孟淙 。
高齡者及女性族群在手洗工具使用過程採用錯誤的方式,易造成身體不適與使用不便。 「易傾洗 Easy Basin」是減輕手洗衣物施力負擔的洗滌器具。針對力量較為薄弱的高齡者及女性族群,期望藉由人因的考慮及功能整合,讓手洗的四個環節:準備、洗滌、倒水和擰乾水,都能達到最省力的使用方式,讓繁雜的手洗工作也能變得容易、好清洗。
Easy Basin is a washing device that relieves the burden of force necessary for washing clothes by hand. Aimed at seniors and women, we hope to combine function with ergonomic considerations to achieve the most labor-saving method for the three hand washing steps: preparation, washing, and pouring away the water, thus making manual washing not only easier to do but also easier to clean up after.
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