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賀!工設系創新設計碩士班陳彥廷同學作品【Double Triangle Crosswalk】獲【iF PUBLIC VALUE STUDENT AWARD 2016】【 Top 33】,指導老師:黃子坤、陳文印 。
設計理念/ 雙三角斑馬線Double TriangleCrosswalk,為一新型態斑馬線,以簡單的設計解決生活中微小的社會議題。本設計解決行人過馬路時「互相交錯穿越」的問題,並透過「視覺效果」的運用影響心理層面,讓行人能更有秩序且有效率、快速地通過危險如虎口的斑馬線。
Double TriangleCrosswalk is a new type of crosswalk, hoping to solve the minor social issues we faced in our daily life. When crossing the roads, people are used to crisscross through each other. What we want to do is to make road-crossing moresystematic and efficient by using visual effect influencing the psychology level of pedestrian.
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